Are there ghosts in my house???

I think there are ghosts in my house, I'm a 13 year old from Pennsylvania, my parents built this house 20-18 or so years ago. Funny enough I learned there was an indian massacre across the street from where my house now is. I keep hearing things at night and seeing shadow figure out of the corner of my eye, I've done research and I learned that they aren't demonic. But, there's this other one, its a cat, a shadow cat, its black and has a furry body and tail. But a year ago weird things started happening, I had unforgettable nightmares which I woke up from to feel like something is watching me... Should I be concerned?
(I have a cross in my room and my parents are very religious)

Aug 6, 2020

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  • Hmmm.....Dracula f**** me every night i just close my eyes and there is always $100 below my pillow at dawn

  • There is no such thing as ghosts.

  • Only if you don't believe Einstein. Ghosts are energy signatures of those who failed to cross over. Gettysburg is full of them. They get energy through strong emotion of those they interact with.

  • What sort of pseudoscientific bullshit is this?

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