Bet she wishes she stayed home.

Last Saturday night some friends and I were hanging out drinking, Another friend showed up around 12:30 with a girl he had picked up at the bar, At first we were all like WTF??? She was not his normal skinny, blonde, flat chested girl that you usually see him with, He usually picks up pretty hot girls but they are all very similar looking. She is sitting across from me and I was looking at her and she is a very different looking girl, She has many things that normally would make her unattractive but somehow the way she puts it all together she looks kinda hot.
She is around 5 1/2 feet tall, A little chubby...but not what I would call fat, Just...Curvy kinda built like Gianna Micheals but not as tall, She has cute feet, Nice legs, Wide hips and a big b00ty, Little bit extra around the middle and great big, Fat b**** with big, Bumpy n!pples, Her face is...yeah, She has a nicely shaped face, Kind of a bigger nose, Big front teeth, Not bucked teeth but big, A small gap between them, Curly dark hair just past her shoulders and I s*** you not she is cross eyed, Not real bad like you don't know where she is looking and can't walk straight but noticeably cross eyed, She wears a lot of eye makeup and as I said she somehow pulls it all together and with all the strikes against her she ends up doable.
Anyway a few minutes in my buddy leads her down the hall to the spare room where he sometimes stays and closes the door, We wait a few minutes and sneak up to the door listening in and we can already hear that she is slurping and gagging, We are all giggling and one of my friends flings the door open, He has her pinned between him and the bed on her knees and he is holding her head as she gags on his c***, He turns and looks at us laughing and we all walked right up to her. She pulls back and says something, I don't remember but was protesting us all being there and buddy who brought her there says "Oh...You want this?" and slaps her face with his d!ck and she nods yes, He says then you get these "Pointing to us".
She shook her head no but we stood her up and she didn't say much as we all undressed and she took off her skirt.
Buddy pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs leaning back saying looking at her saying "Tonight you are gonna get more d!ck than your mom has had in her life" as we all stand there looking at her pu$$y which is also nice, Shaved and pink with no, Like zero pi$$ flaps and a little pink a$$hole. He started rubbing her and gently slapping her p****, I knelt beside her on one side and another buddy beside her on the other, She had a d!ck in each hand and one guy straddling her chest squeezing her great big b**** together and f****** them. The guy who brought her there was playing with her p**** and a$$hole while we all took turns shoving our d!cks in her mouth and rubbing them on her face.
We swapped and nailed her so many times I don't even know how she handled it all but she was sweaty and sticky and we all took turns on her for a long time then before she was allowed to shower she took four loads of what we had left on her face, Buddy that brought her there straddled her chest holding her arms down at her sides with his legs, He t!tty fuck3d her while we all knelt around her face and she just frowned and closed her eyes while we all gave her one final load on her face. Buddy stayed on top of her holding her down and pinched and slapped her great big t!ts and one of my other friends was fingering her bum when finally she said 'Ok, F***, Stop already".
Buddy got off her and she went to shower, Next thing you know we are all standing in the bathroom and as one guy would get hard we would get in the shower and bang her then the next guy, We were all done so you can imagine it took a long time of banging her before each guy got off and by the end she told us we had to stop because her pu$$y hurt. I dont know how but someone took her bra and panties and wouldn't give them back, After she got dressed buddy called her a cab and she sat on the couch looking defeated as she stared at her feet and we ignored her, she was very obviously braless and had no way to hide her giant t!ts so the cab driver probably got a show on the way home, Before she left buddy said "Ok, Ok, You finger yourself and suck one your big, Fat n!pples and I'll give you your underwear", she laid back, Spread her legs and did it right there in front of all of us and when the cab pulled up he pushed her out the door.
It was daylight by the time she left so her walk of shame was pretty obvious.

Feb 24, 2019

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  • You are all a bunch of disgusting pigs!

  • Why would you do that to her?

  • You and your buddies are pigs

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