Whatever I got the raise

I went to my boss and asked for a raise, Long story short it took me 5 tries and on the third try I caught him looking at my legs, I said "How much?", He said "Excuse me" I said "How much of a raise will you give me?" and hiked my skirt up a little, He got all flustered and looked around. I giggled and said "Not here silly, You can come to my place tonight", He told me he couldn't and for 3 days I propositioned him, Finally he showed up at my apartment and luckily I had decided to shower before seeing if anyone wanted to go out that night.
I heard a faint knock on the door and looked through the peephole, I opened the door all wet and seductive like and he got nervous, I pulled him inside and opened my housecoat, He reached out and I said "Stop" He froze and I said "How much", He started at $1/hr and I started at $5/hr so the logical thing to do was settle at $3/hr. Now before you start criticizing either of us $3/hr over 40 hrs a week and 52 weeks a year is over $6000/Yr, Could you get that for spreading your legs one time....Doubt it and for him $3/hr is a small price to pay to bang a 22 year old with DD's and is passable through HR.
So once we had an agreement I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants, He is older, late 40's but he is packing some serious weaponry, I was pleasantly surprised when it flopped out and when it got hard I was even more excited, He was apparently a little over excited because he finished in like the first 2 minutes of me cupping his b**** and giving him head, He looked sad and I stood up, I was going to say "Well, That was easy" but he looked so sad and defeated that I led him to the couch shuffling with his pants around his ankles and sat him down, I did a strip show for him and it didn't take long before his soldier was back at attention.
Well...Let me say...He made me earn that $3/hr and by the time he finished my legs were wobbly, My head was spinning and I had came twice which is not an easy task, Only happened once before but he quite easily managed it. I doubt if I would get another raise this year but I might want another turn on that ride.

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  • Hot. Need more details on the f****** though. Bareback? What positions? Where he c**?

  • In today's world they will do it for nothing.

  • Hey how much for ana l

  • This does happen, I also made a deal with my boss 20 years ago when I was just starting out, I agreed to a BJ and halfway through I got into it and I was the one who pushed for it to go all the way. 3 times in total and I now have a girl in college (Wink, Wink) and am the VP of marketing for one of the largest firms in North America.

  • Hello There Karen :). I definitely remember that night - will never forget it. Nice t its, very large nip ples and a really hai ry wet pu ssy. Mmm your pu ssy smelled so good. Remember when we did 69 and you came all over my face. Then you b lew me and we fuc ked dog gy style, you on top, sideways, then my favorite position, missionary, until you came all over the place again, then I pulled out and came gallons all over your face! Yeah that was some raise huh. Would love to do it again now, 20 yrs later. What do you say?

  • I gave a friends daughter a Saturday job why she was at college I got to f*** her one Saturday afternoon she wanted a advance on her pay a young p**** is a lovely tool when your asking for a pay raise lol

  • It is a pity that these things backfire. I am a boss and a young female staff member discussed the same thing with me. I would totally have gone with it. She wanted a bit more money and a go at a more responsible position. She was quite open and saying it was just a deal. My fear was that down the track she would report me for bullying or something. So I didn't go for it.

  • Ahh...no ma’am i am not here to troll you but i was wondering your p**** needs to be maintained and to be cleaned so i would like to lick it with my tongue...its a free service ma’am..write to me

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