All my friends have used me and left me. My so call bff for about 6 yrs got back with her ex after saying he was the worst from everything he did and left me. She went with our other friend and they always hanged out at school without me for about a year and a half still saying were "bffs". I have them so many chanced yet they never came back & so i gave up. She never texted me this summer & she still has the nerve to tag me in giveaways so she can win things like ???? Go tag your other "bff" not me. I met new people hanged with them and my new close friend i noticed had a crush on my cousin and him on her. So i helped them out and now we barely talk, she left for college, but every single day she always texts him and tags him on post & me? She said we were like twins, we were close. She never texts me only maybe 3 times this whole summer while everyday she texts him which i dont mind but really only 3 times?? Like these girls only use me until they get a boyfriend whatever. All the boys who text me, i feel are bored and only do it to not be bored :/ can i just get away from all these people who so call to be my friends? Is this really what friendship is?? Im tired of being sad bc of these people. They never helped me eventhough i have and it hurts.

Aug 14, 2016

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