Really sucky bff breakup

So when I was in second grade I transferred into a catholic school. at first, nobody really talked to me and the memories of 2 to 4 grade are a bit spotty but along the way i met my ex "bff". So, at first we really hated each other. We weren't friends but we had a common enemy soooo... i guess thats how it happened? Well, this girl and i were both in the drama class. in 5th grade i got the lead role. she didn't like that at all. idek why she got so p***** but during art on Thursday she said some pretty messed up s***. she said things that i will never forget. but moving on, i forgave her after a while and we got close again. the next year in sixth we got close again. this is because i really didn't have any other friends honestly. we sat at lunch together but i realized i didn't want to be her friend. i started to branch out and made many new friends. but around the year, i found out i was moving to a new town. so i decided to be friends with her again. we talked all the time when i moved. she was the first person i called when i got home and the last person i would text when i went to sleep. mind you, this is while im in my new town and shes in my old town. so then i got my first boyfriend, and he was a dream. he was always there for me and was very similar to my bff from my old town. so i decided to introduce them through instagram. they got close so the three of us made a chat together. but after a while i noticed that my "bff" was kinda pursuing my boyfriend. but i ignored it, she was my best friend! she wouldn't do that. well during that time me and my boyfriend were starting to fight. it wasn't pretty. and this girl had the nerve to involve herself in our relationship. she acted entitled to my emotions and my boyfriend. she acted as though we shared a boyfriend. that obviously ticked me off. and she also made me throw away all my problems to listen to her. she would through my feelings aside to make hers heard and more important. even though nobody should do that to another person. i finally confronted her, after i broke up with my boyfriend://///, and i told her how i was feeling and midway she cut me off saying, "bye.". then ten minutes later she sends me a text saying "can you talk to me. i don't wanna be alone" and THATS what really ticked me off once and for all. she had the nerve to cast aside my feelings, one again, to make hers heard. she had just heard how i was feeling and chose to ignore it so she could be focused on. oh and lets not forget the fact that she said HER feelings were a mess when I was the one fighting with my boyfriend. she said she maybe liked him while i was still dating him. i was done. i told her i was done. then for the next few weeks she would send me videos on instagram withe paragraphs of really small writing that i couldn't read cause she made the handwriting. but something i was able to make out was, "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW". so i proceeded to send her a video of my new friend saying "Hi, yes im *insert my friends name that i will not say* and *proceeds to ramble things i cant understand*" at around 9 pm my time i get a video of a middle finger. i broke down crying and blocked her. it wasnt just the middle finger that made me break down. it was all the s*** shes ever put me through. i recalled everything shes ever done. it was so stupid but shes done so much i couldn't handle it. but guess what? im gonna vistit my old school next week. that means im gonna see her. and you know what im gonna do? nothing. shes like a dog. you dont give her attention and she'll stand down.

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  • Yeah right, you'll probably make up with her again and go through the same BS all over.
    Cut the "BFF" bullshit and grow up, it's not a f****** fantasy. Also keep your relationships private, it's not the business of your friend what goes on with your partner, that stuff you two work together. That's what it means to be real, not going behind someones back and involving some outside party.

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