I think my boyfriend is a feeder in denial..

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 months now, and since then i have gained at least 20 pounds. We've prodded at the idea of feederism, and he seemed really turned on about forcing me to lick food off of him; as well as him stuffing me until I can't take anymore. But then he bounced off it, yet, today he informed me he wants to make it a tradition that he gives me food on Saturdays... Knowing that I'd feel guilty if I didn't eat it. He also likes to mess with my chubby belly a lot and sleep on it. It just seems every time I try to talk about it with him, he gets defensive.

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  • He's definitely into it. Try taking charge of the situation. Tell him to stuff you. Tell him you want to blow up for him. If he sees that you want to gain, he'll be more comfortable talking about it.

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  • I like to starve my gf. I like it when she has to sit because she is feeling feint. I like to feel her skinny ribs and arms.

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  • Sweetie, yes I think he is into that. He probably is afraid to admit it for fear of being rejected or hurt. Bigger question is how do you feel about it? Are you ok with the weight gain? Is that something you would like or are just doing to please him?

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