For most of my life, and I am 25, I've always wanted to eat nothing but junk food, and now that I live by my self, that is exactly what I do. I have gained a ton of weight, but I keep being drawn to junk food. Fortunately, I now have a boy friend who has similar likes, and we gorge on junk. Since I have met him in december, I have gained another 34 pounds. I'm now well over 300, and fortunately, he likes it. I just worry about my health down the road...

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  • Diabetes is a b**** just remember that...

  • Yoooo! i had a couple friends like that, and seriously, she kept getting fatter and fatter til she went blind. Blind! B-L-I-N-D. Vision=gone! Can't see nothing! Because she ate and ate and ate crap food all the time. Yes, that's straight from her dr's lips. She got a lap-band surgery and did it magically transform her into a magical Hollywood Diva? No! She's still eating junk food and getting fatter. Oh, but what do I know, and what does that dr. know, and oh you gotta live your life... People hear the truth and shut it out, and I expect you to be no different. Everyone's a damn special snowflake. So go ahead and knock yourself out. Eat junk food. Let the good times roll, chubs.

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