Loving my new body

I used to be 130 pounds then I began working at a fast food restaurant surrounded by good food I went from working out and dieting to eating whatever I want I noticed after gaining 30 pounds that I had put on some weight I panicked and began dieting then catching a look in the mirror after a bath I realized how cute my belly looked so I stopped dieting now 2 years later I'm almost 280 my belly has gone from toned and flat to round and covered in stretch marks my b****** that were once a B cup are now straining a D cup my arms have fat rolls and everything jiggles I first a month ago cut off my long hair to a pixie to show off my double chin shortly after I got together with my girlfriend my high school crush and friend I explained to her my story she loves my body and I have gotten even braver about showing it off she bought me some crop tops to show off my belly and some low rise jeans I know this is not everyones beauty standard but I'm happy.

Dec 21, 2019

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  • My wife was a bit chubby when we met. She knows I like bigger women, so she let herself go a bit, but got real trim for the wedding. As soon as the wedding was over, so was the dieting. She just began to let herself pig out, and soon gained around 50 pounds. All of her friends were...let's say, amused. She has since settled into a steady 20-30 pounds per year gain, and we've been married for 3 years. Love it!!! Wonder how big she's willing to let herself get?

  • My wife let herself be free of whole fat phobia thing. She loved it, I loved watching her get bigger. Now she's over 500, but happy with it.

  • Sounds like it's the body you were always destined to have. With one newly fattened body at a time, society is finally busting out of the skinny constraints media and fashion industry imposed on us for so long.

  • Yes! I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Fat is the norm now. Enjoy your body and don't worry about how fat you are.

  • I'm 28 and let myself gain 135 pounds. I now weight 255 I was 120. I ran into a guy from high school who was a football star and is still rock solid and so handsome. He asked me out on the spot in school he never gave me the time of day.

    6 months have passed and we live together and f*** like dogs. He said he is only into big girls. And in high school he secretly wished I was fat so we could date. He says he saw the fat girl in me struggle to escape my thin body.

    He want me to get fatter, I will as the s** get hotter as I gain weight!!!

  • You should be happy. Being curvy has pretty much become the norm, and a lot of guys actually prefer it to skinny waifs. My gorgeous wife went from 150 while we were dating to 180 when we got married, to 288 right after new year's. She loves her new body so much she is actually now trying to get to 300 before the end of the month (that's just over 2 weeks away). I think she can do it! She too loves to wear clothes that can make some people gasp, but she loves it, loves her body, and is completely comfortable with her weight. Glad you're happy with your body too.

  • My wife decided to give up on the yo yo dieting, that was 8 yrs ago, now she is 450lbs & I love it.

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