Coworker surprise

True story..... I worked with this woman supporting her computers on equipment she supported. She had the hots for me and always flirted with me. So one day she was having problems with a computer and I needed to swap it out. She decided to help and got down on the floor to unconnect the computer in the cart. I looked down and unexpectedly seen all of her t***. She had on a very loose blouse that had fell forward. She also had on a bra that was probably two cups to big and it had fell forward. Her nipples were right there like she was totally topless. She had to of known she was showing off her t***. I told my other female colleagues when I got back to the office and they all agreed that women know when they are that exposed. They also agree that she wanted me to see her t***. That woman is probably not reading this, but if she were I would ask why she didn't just ask me to f***? I would have f***** you and you would have loved it I have a big d***. 8 inches. I would have sucked on your little t****** and f***** the s*** out of you. You know where to find me.

Mar 8, 2019

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  • Well you should have just unzipped while she was down on her knees. that's what she wanted you to do

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