My partner she was in a relationship before me for about 6 months which is none of my business I know but she told me about it I didn't ask her . She originally told me it was only for a few weeks but nothing happened between them i don't no why she told me that but when I found out it was longer to me she was lying to me . It's obvious they would have been intimate I know but it got to me her not telling the truth , Any thoughts on this ? Also one thing she told me is that he liked her to wear Red lipstick and paint her nails Red what's your thoughts on why he liked that ?

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  • Stop thinking about the past, there is nothing you can do about it. Tell your girlfriend you don't care what happened between her and her lover boy. If she wants to tell stories , ok make sure they are the truth not bullshit.

  • Whatever it is doesn’t sound to harmless. My wife when we started dating admitted to being attracted to black athletic guys. It happened in college. And yes she admitted to having s** and yes it’s true about them being bigger and lasting a lot longer than any white guy she had been with. Everyone thought she was a good girl never going from guy to guy but she sneaked to get with these black guys

  • I'm not sure that's a fetish why would Red nails and Red lips be a fetish

  • Sounds like a fetish.

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