My best friends crush has a crush on me

Hi ok so my friend "Jim" had a crush on a girl "Kate" (so did I but Jim was defensive so I didn't tell him) When Jim told Kate that he had feelings for her she told him that she liked someone else and that she couldn't see herself with him. After Jim tried and tried again and again to win her over kate i told him that that I had a crush on her too. Jim laughed and said if he didn't have A shot with her I didn't. so I said watch me and asked her out. Kate told me she liked me back. Kate has been my girl friend for 3 months and Jim won't speak a sentence to me that doesn't include the words 'f*** you".. Should I feel bad or apologize I tried many times but he won't listen to me I don't know what to do so we can be friends again

Apr 16, 2015

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  • His ego is bruised. Think you disregarded the one rule of friendship which is bros before hoes..You chose the girl over your best friend..and a girl that your best friend liked. And you went after her when challenged. Even if you do patch this up, it may be sometime before Jim will ever want to hang out with you and your gf. But if the friendship is important to the both of you, maybe he will eventually let this go. It just may never be the same. It may be important to tell him that you didn't ask her out to spite him. You asked her out because you liked her too, but never told him. Unfortunately in the game of love, you can't always have it all.

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