Stepcousin virginity

I lost my virginity to my step cousin. My grandma used to go on vacation all the time. To help her grandkids with money she would pay us to house sit while she was gone. I was one of the youngest grandkids so I had to watch as my siblings and cousins got to spend the night at grandma's house alone and then get paid for it. When I turned 14 I argued with my mom that was old enough to house sit and wanted in on the deal. It took some convincing but finally her and my grandma decided to let me house sit on the next trip with supervision. The next sit actually belonged to my older brother but he had other plans so the next one in line was my stepcousin who had actually been part of the family since she was a baby. She was 16 at the time and complained that she didn't really want to babysit me but my mom, her mom, and my grandma overruled her and said I would stay. The night was kind of boring we sat and watched TV. This was before the days of computers and cellphones. Anyway I was laying on the couch not saying anything when my cousin came over and sat on me. I think she was trying to be a b**** at first but it made me h**** for some reason. My d*** got hard right under her butt and she noticed it. She jumped up and I expected her to b**** at me. Instead she commented on how f****** big I was. Me being 14 I had no idea if I was big at the time or not. It's not like go around comparing d*** sizes. She asked me to see it and being a 14 year old h**** teen I didn't object. I unzipped and pulled it out. She gasped and made a comment about me being way way bigger than her boyfriend. Not sure how big I was back then but today I'm 9 inches hard and pretty girthy. So she asked me if she could touch it. Again I'm a h**** teenager do I say yes. She grabbed ahold of it and started jacking me. I almost cummed and stopped her. She begged me to let her continue but I said only if she show me your t***. She said she would do one better and strip naked if I let her do whatever she wanted to me. I said yes and we both stripped. She got in her purse and got out a condom. She rolled it on my d*** and then got on top of me. I watched as she straddled my d*** and tried to slid down on me. It took her a bit but she finally got me inside her. She slid up and down on me a few times and then orgasmed and dug her nails into my chest. She kept going and I cummed in the condom. We got up and put our clothes on and she told me if I ever told anyone what just happened she would kill me. I have kept my mouth shut for 30 years.

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  • I was 13 my cous was 8, she was sooooooooooooooo tight

  • Excellent

  • Dude u have to do it with her more so u guys can come close .

  • You must have missed the part where he said that was 30 years ago.

  • F*** please me next

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