Monday will be awkward

I was out at a club last night and ran into my boss, I am 23 and he is 48, We were just talking and drinking and somehow ended up back at my place, I gave him head and swallowed then was trying to get him hard again and said "Whats the one thing your wife wont let you do", He said "Well...There are two things, A*** and facials", I said "Which one?", He said "what do you mean?", I said "Which one is gonna get you hard AF right now". He whispered "Let me lick your ass and c** on your face", I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me, He got me on my hands and knees, tongued my ass and then f***** me, Pushed me down on the floor and came on my face then licked my p**** and fingered my ass until he was hard again and f***** me again with his c** still on my face then puled out and did it again.

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  • I wish I was your boss. Cause I would have said shared you with a well endowed hot guy.Would you have agreed to that?
    Or talk dirty to me about your best s** ever before me

  • B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.
    I'll bet dollars to a dog t*** you're not even a woman.

  • Hope you gave him an sti you scab

  • Scab?

  • Most common usage is for the healing cover for cuts and scrapes.
    Another is a term for people who cross picket lines and work when others are on strike.

  • Yes,Scab.
    It's an English thing.

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