I'm A Big Pantywaist

I have been wearing PINK Girl's Panties since I was 22 years old. I am a SISSY and a PANTYWAIST!!! GIRLS RULE!!!! I love "flashing" in front of girls wearing only my pink girl's panties. LOTS of GIRLS in different areas have had an "eye opening experience" when they look and see me wearing pink girl's panties! Yikes! I go through fast food drive through wearing only my pink girl's panties. I get my order, I pay, and drive on. I get a real RUSH when a cute young girl takes my money and hands me the bag, and I wonder if she looks down into the car and gets an EYE-FULL!!! I hope so!!! Hey, Girls, out there, I just want you to all know that I am a BIG SISSY, a Big PANTYWAIST, and I wear PINK GIRL'S PANTIES and...……….ALWAYS WILL! Signed, Pantywaist forever

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  • What,you want a f****** medal or something?

  • YES! And lots of attention! And money for being repressed in society! And permission to do anything I want! And a special label! And for everyone to agree with me all the time! ALL the things!!

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