Wife Forced...

I also have this dream of my friend showing my wife his new bedroom set, she complains about being tense in her shoulders. He massages her shoulders and as he does he kisses her neck and down her sides. In shock she does not react. As he kisses her his hands slip under her blouse and rub her nipples, he arches her back and kisses her neck then to her b******. She turns and says she cannot as she is married and I am downstairs. He continues and positions himself between her legs slowly moving down to her panties where he exposes her p**** and begins rubbing and kissing her p****.

He then removes her panty, she tries to put it back finally she feels his c*** growing in his pants, she grabs for it, pulls it out and strokes it. He tells her.."I want to f*** you so bad..." and she nods, he rubs his c*** against her p**** waiting to be allowed in, he body gives in allowing him to enter her. she moans and as he thrusts she tells him to stop. He keeps going, she says stop...he is downstairs we cannot... he rams her harder. He then puts his hands across her arms holding them above her head and he tells her he is going to c** inside her and she says no... he thrusts again and her body lets nature take over grinding with him finally she says "please don´t c** inside me..." he looks at her and with a grunt sends stream of c** inside her. As he finishes she tells him not to ever say a word... and he says..."Now I have put my seed in you"...

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  • And yay,the lord spake! For I have put my seed in you...
    Lmao, dude your rape stories are lame AF

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