Wish she was kinda fat

My wife is beautiful, talented, smart and skinny. I kinda wish she was a little fat instead, though.

I love it when she gains weight. She is normally 115-120 pounds, but gains weight with her pregnancies. And it drives me wild! But she always works hard to lose all the baby weight (without any support from me, obviously). If it was up to me, I would want her to keep all the baby weight on with each pregnancy.

I enjoy the feeling of hugging a bigger version of my wife. I like when she sits or snuggles her bigger body on me. Physically, I think she looks more attractive as a heavier version of herself. I like when she looks curvier and the curves are bigger. And I like how her body feels when she is heavier.

The heaviest she has ever been is 180 pounds, but that was when she was nine months pregnant. Right before I met her, she lost about 20 pounds (I was too late!) in College. I think I would really enjoy her being about 160-180 pounds, but she would never willingly put on 45-60 pounds of extra weight now. Her BMI would be overweight if she was 140, and obese if she was 170. But she is very active, so I think she could still be healthy at a higher weight.

I’ve told her before to not worry about her weight and that I would love her at any dress size, which is very true. She was a heavier child, and I think that affects her. I think she would be embarrassed to put on weight now.

I’ve always been very loving and affectionate when she was heavier, but it doesn’t encourage her to stay bigger. Seems to push her to want to be smaller.

She started hanging out with some new girlfriends, and none of them are small. But my wife still is...

Any suggestions on how to encourage her to keep any extra pounds on instead of always trying to stay skinny?

Mar 13, 2019

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  • Just tell her you like her curves.

  • Confessions like this are so similar to how I feel in my relationship. Thanks for sharing.

  • I feel that way, too!

  • Just talk with her. Let her know how you feel and what you find most attractive. Luckily, she can change just a little bit and still excite you. Trust me, if my husband told me I could gain weight and he would like it, I wouldn't hesitate to quit counting my calories. He would just need to buy me bigger clothes, and that means a new wardrobe for me! It's a win-win!

  • I agree, I love being bigger and hubby liking me that way

  • Same here, so much so I'm nearly 500lbs.

  • Wow, this story sound like it could have bee written by my husband, so many similar to our story. I am now a BBW and very happy but he finally told me he loved me heavier after 3 pregnancies and each time me loosing the baby weight and our romantic life slumped. He let me decide "if" I wanted to gain weight and "if" I liked it. I love being a BBW

  • How did you decide?

  • For me it was a personal decision after a long of thought and self searching. I talked to a few of my female friends that were bigger girls about me just considering me curvier and plumper like them and they loved the idea so I gave it a try...

  • How do you feel now that you are bigger? Any regrets for you or him?

  • How much weight did you gain and how quickly?

  • I gained fairly slowly 15-20 pounds a year over 4 years

  • Try the shamima begum diet

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