I never knew I was such a perv

A few weeks ago I went to this party with some girls of my studies, in my class there are mostly women and I feel very comfortable around them. We slept at one of the girls houses, when we woke up in the morning, the girls went out to pick up some breakfast.

I have somewhat of a crush on one of the girls, so I decided to look around in their stuff. I noticed some dirty panties and I sniffed them. Then I went looking for more panties and I found a pair for every girl that had slept there that night. I took pictures of every single pair. My crush also left her phone behind, so I took a look in her gallery and made pictures of her bikini (and lewd) pictures with my own phone. I had a giant h****** and was finishing myself in the shower at the time they were coming back in. I can’t imagine how f***** I would be if one of the girls found out.

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  • Good lad!!!! I would of done the same thing! I'm off to a house party sat,and I'm gonna steal me some panties m-mmmm!

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