Infatuation led to something unexpected?

In late spring 2017, I bought a 2nd hand copy of Rihanna's album 'Loud' from a charity shop in London. I played it on a good stereo and was bowled over by the first song 'S&M'. The quality of the song was excellent. Rihanna's talent, looks and incredible sexiness gave me an instant crush. I hardly ever feel that way. It was very powerful. I thought that I should use that power for something else.

I wrote a s** comedy science fiction story and put it on I listed Rihanna as the top inspiration. In the first part of the story, I recommended that people should choose kind partners, not those who are badly behaved. Soon afterwards, Rihanna got a new partner in real life. Now, in 2019, I've heard that she's very happy with him.

In the second part of the story, I described an outfit that was heavily decorated with small jewels and precious metals. In May 2018, Rihanna wore a very similar outfit at the Met Gala in New York. She described it as 'heavy' but she looked stunning in it.

Personally, I suspect that these events were not coincidences!

Mar 13, 2019

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  • I have recurring dreams of me being with Avril Levine, don't know why but they are so vivid,and we're just doing normal mundane stuff together ,its a proper headfuck ! Does make you think,in a parallel universe is this happening?! Or does she have dreams about me and has no idea why?!

  • She deffo reads siebertron.
    You can tell by the look in her eyes when she does interviews.

  • One of her people probably does. Nicki Minaj has also appeared in outfits like those described in my stories. See 'Ganja Burn', for example.

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