When I was in high school, a group of friends spent a weekend at the beach together. No wild parties or anything, but just hanging out and having a bonfire and stuff. At one point a friend and I walked a long ways down the beach and saw a group of girls doing the same thing. WE chatted, then flirted and as we left a couple of girls followed us. The other guys girl wanted to make out, so they went off into the dunes somewhere. I was shy and told the girl I was vacationing from out of state. She said she was also from out of state. We ended up having s**. Awkward, not so great teenage s**, but it happened without condoms. Afterwards we went back to our own groups and I didn't see her again. Two weeks later, in the town I lived in I went to work at the restaurant I worked at on the buffet line. I was cleaning up and changing a tray when I looked up and was eye to eye with her again. Her eyes got huge, and her father said something to her he had to repeat. I spied on her the whole meal, and gave a smile as she left. She did smile back. I was so worried I might have gotten her pregnant and she knew where I was that I enrolled in school out of town and left. Now I wonder why I did that. Youth sucks.

Mar 17, 2019

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  • Coulda made her your baby mama

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