My Mother Busted Me Part 2

Well if you read the first part of this story line you know that I was busted by my mother. Well this is where it picks up. My mother laid down the rules. First I wasn't allowed to smell Her panties any longer. Second her d**** was off limits, this was very private to her. I could wear her clothes until she purchased me my own. It took a few weeks then she picked up 12 pairs of panties various color and styles for me so no more wearing her panties. About 3 weeks after that she picked up a black, white and nude playtex bras in a B cup with breast forms B cup. She said that a B cup was more appropriate for a girl my age. It took a couple of months then she picked up a black and white open bottom girdle with 4 garters. A few later she picked up nylon stockings and pantyhose. She told me i had to wait on skirts, dresses and blouses due to costs. But as spring rolled around she surprised me with a yellow bikini with red polka dots. Which I wasted no time laying out in the sun and getting my tan lines. It was during this time i was walking home from school and turned on to this alley and this car pulled out of a driveway just ahead as she passed me I looked in and saw she was a lot like my mother. As I reached the driveway I looked up and saw a laundry basket on the washer in a corner. no other car was in the garage, I checked around the side of the house, listen on the door in the garage all was quiet. So over the basket I went, in the basket I found her soiled panties with a nice scent, a few bras 42D, her pantyhose, a couple of blouses and shorts, plus a very nice blue dress. I could strip fats enough, I slipped on a pair of red panties, a black bra, some pantyhose, then that blue dress. Stuffed the bra with the other panties filling the cups. I was loving it, I walked around the garage, then out on the driveway. Working my way to the alley. I looked around no one around. So I went down the alley. I was in heaven. I turned to return to the garage. I got back was about to start playing with myself when the door to the house opened and this middle age man came out. he said Oh my don't you look pretty. You look good in my wife's dress. I saw you walking down the alley from the kitchen window. Now come with me, I walked towards him he lead inside. he had me spin for him, he said very nice. Now come with me he took me to the bedroom. he told me to lay on the bed face down, he caressed my legs and worked his way up and under the dress caressing my cheeks. he got up and told me to stay there, he went back down the hall, I could hear some sounds. When he returned he was naked and had a bottle in his hands. He lifted the dress and pushed it up to my waist. Then he lowered the pantyhose taking them off, he then lowered the panties taking them off one leg. He spread my legs apart. He slipped his hand between my cheeks, he laughed and said very nice. he then open the bottle and poured out some of the liquid he then rubbed it between my cheeks and into my rosebud. He pushed a finger into me. He got up and climbed onto the bed behind me, he laid on top of me, he guide himself and told me to push out like if I was using the restroom. I felt him push in right into me. It hurt but he went was in all the way. He started to pump me. The pain eased up and he was picking up speed until felt him moan and I felt his hot sperm in me. Once done he rolled off me. Then he told me here is the deal you can wear all of wife's clothes but you have to take care of me. She goes to work around 3 to 3:30 every weekday. Which is when i got out of school. So from that afternoon on I was his gurl. She had some very sexy clothes. Which I wore them all. This went on for 7 months. My mother figured I was Ok since I wasn't being bad with her stuff any longer. Then came the afternoon his wife walked in on us. I was on my back with my legs on his shoulders as he used me when she stepped in. She lost it and started to hit him and yell at me. He got up and ran into the bathroom. That is when she saw I wasn't a girl but a male. She stopped yelling and started asking questions. After an hour she had the whole story about me and my mother, and how it started with her husband, he had left the house earlier. I told her how he said she didn't want to have s**. Me she said I love s**. She stood up and said you have worn my clothes I love being sexy. She lifted the dress exposing me. Then she undid the belt on her dress and took it off, standing there in her bra and panties she unhooked the bra and sled it off, then she lowered her panties. She had lovely b****** and and a very hairy mound. Now your mind to enjoy my turn same agreement as you had with him. So for the next 6 months I with her, he was staying at his mother's house. Well we didn't use protection of any kind, she figured she couldn't have kids since in 20 years no pregnancy. But it wasn't her it was him, and I was fully loaded. She got pregnant! She had missed her last period. She started to talk to him about it, they agreed to move back in together and have the child. I was being pushed out, they placed the house on the market and they moved away. I started to see & meet girls my age but they weren't mature enough I was more interested in their mothers and their clothes. Plus my sexual wants were still there so I started to going dressed up to a park where men would hang out. I went home with the mature older ones. So until the next time where I will continue my journey.


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  • I luv you i want you

  • Thank you, there is much more to this story. A wife who ended up leaving me, a mother in-law who blacked mailed me and used me, a county worked who used me, being raped in a dark park, a second mother in-law who was into BDSM, becoming a mistress for a rich guy, I was waiting to see if anyone else wanted to read it. I am today a mature Dallas gurl.

  • Haven't come across the first part, and TL;DRed this one. But I did report you for being a novel-writing attention wh0re. Be good, now.

  • Love you i bet you were sweet

  • Da fuq???!!!!

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