I want to be a submissive so bad I’ve spoken to my husband multiple times he always seems like he’s into it and tries a little but he’s not quite there how do I make him dominate me, spank me, tie me up and take me, pull my hair and just have his way with me. I’m willing to try everything. I want to. But can’t get him to follow thru?!!! Frustrated wife

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  • Let me have you. I’d give you all the c*** you wanted. I’d take you out to get all the hot c*** you wanted and bring you home and have my way with you.

  • I’ve missed you where have you been for all these years!?? I’d love another woman to submit to me and loves wearing the high heels I want her to... the outfits to sit in your knees until I feed you .. would you pleasure another c*** if I told you to? Submit to me in every way? I want to cherish you all ways ..


  • I think you should call me. I will f*** your p**** hard and smack the s*** out of your ass. I used to bite my exgirlfriends t*** and nipples until they would literally bleed. We had a small whip that I would smack her with. She loved to sit with her legs open while I whipped her p****. Then she would roll over and have me whip her ass. She really got off on pain. Especially if I stuck needles in her p**** lips. I one time literally sewed her p**** lips together. She kept her p**** sewed shut all night and the rest of the day and went to work. I didn't cut her open until the next night. We called it the poor mans chastity belt.

  • You're better finding a real man who would treat you like their dirty s***. You could meet them in the day hen go back to your husband every evening with a swollen pounded p**** dripping with dominant c**.

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