Sins of the Jehovah Witnesses

My friend has a young daughter who was home alone for a short time after school. The child was watching TV and the door bell rang and two women carrying bibles were at the door. The girl opened the door and when they found out she was home alone they gave her a tract and left.

Apparently the tract was about the (in their mind) the ending of the world that would happen soon. The pictures graphically showed fire burning buildings and Jehovah witnesses escaping the fire that was apparently consuming everyone else.

Being a naive little girl she got scared and started to cry.

After her father got home he saw those tracts and it p***** him off big time. I mean those people have no shame whatsoever. I mean it ought to be against the law to do what they did. It took awhile for him to calm his child down enough to explain that those people didn't know what they were talking about and to never open the door to a stranger again until he got home.

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  • Your all sinners and your going to H double hockey sticks and I wouldn't save any of you if I wanted to. All a bunch of sick perverts and deserve to spend eternity in H double hockey sticks for being such. The way you talk about women makes me sick. I wouldn't be with a man who displays such vulgarity no I wouldn't. You sick, sick , horrible men.

  • JWs and other religiots love doing things that ought to get them ticketed or arrested, like harassing people who have already told them they're not interested and littering (aka leaving tracts lying around in public). Traumatizing impressionable minds is exactly how they reel in their victims.

  • Where? if she is home alone I want her young p****

  • Agreed i would break that p**** open

  • You must be a JW yourself.

  • Yes I am a JW you sir are a f****** A hole and I hope you die and go straight to f****** H***! AsSh ole!

  • Just tell her the truth there is no god.

  • If she was that scared then she was too young to be left at home alone.

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