I don’t want to exist anymore

I brain has f***** me over. I’m so depressed and I’ve been trying for years to get better but there is no way out. I’ve been trying relentlessly. Help lines leave me on hold. Even those who are supposed to be there in crisis don’t want to hear me. No one is listening to how bad I feel, they only understand if I attempt to take my own life. This isn’t supposed to be a self pity post, I just need to let out how low I’m feeling.

Mar 30, 2019

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  • That is exactly how I feel. No one wants to hear it stop feeling sorry for myself. Well I don't I'm just sick of life and nothing ever getting better now matter what I do. I can't keep on living when I'm so tired of hating myself and destroying everything I ever care about

  • Good bye world and i want too thank those here who were positive. l just cant handle this life andbi wish i knew you's in person. l am greatfull for your love and kindness..

  • Please don’t do it. Whatever you’re feeling right now will pass. You are stronger than you know. Do whatever you need to survive this moment and this time, call a helpline or someone you care about. There is someone who cares about you and wants you here. I want you here, alive and growing

  • Thing is no one cares

  • Go see a professional for therapy!

  • Yea they just push pills they don’t do anything

  • For real! What are you waiting for? Don't wallow in your illness, you don't have to, see someone, help is available, you need professional help!

  • Therapists can’t get rid of the source. The narcissists; nasty people and comments

  • No pity given, only letting you know that you've been heard. I'm not going to say anything about religion or even tactics to help you reach people on help lines, just say that you have been heard. I hope that things work out better for you and that you find a way towards wanting to exist again.

  • I am listening to you. You must keep going. Speak to people who validate you. This will let you know you are not alone. Change comes from acceptance of the self. Surrender all of your struggle. This means not fighting your own mind. Let it go and surrender. Positive change will start to happen. I promise.

  • Try reddit suicidewatch,lots of similar people like you and there's lots of support to make you feel happy again 👍

  • I pray things get better for you

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