My sister

When I was like 12-13 and she about 6-7 I would rub my p**** against her p**** until I’d c**. I was so h**** as a young teenager with no other outlets. There was never any penetration, somehow I thought it was less damaging? It only happened a handful of times. But after I was grown I felt ashamed and have a few times since. We are pretty close now (not sexually) but neither of us have ever talked about it and somehow it seems like we should have? Idk.
She’s beautiful now and if she consented I’d love to have s** with her. How or should I talk to her about either of these things?



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  • Last year when i was 17,my sister Maddie,who was 15,finially made her First Holy Communion with the 2nd graders in the class of 2018.Mom and dad dressed her just like the little girls in her class in a sleeveless,poofy,top of the knees,communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and a cloth diaper,plastic panties and camisole under her dress just like the little girls wear.She looked very cute and little girlish in her outfit!After her party was over,mom and dad had to go to the nursing home to visit gramma.Maddie was in her room and had her communion dress off,but had her veil,camisole,diaper and plastic panties on.I went into her room and told her how cute she looked and then one thing led to another,and i got her to her knees and made her give me a b******!Afterwards,i was feeling remorsefull and apoligized to her!

  • You should not indicate that you are interested in anything happening now between you and her. The chance that she is interested in that is almost zero.

    For your own sake, the best thing to do is just never mention anything about it ever. She may have blocked it from her memory and if you bring it up she could then remember it and could cause substantial disruption in your life by telling other people about how you behaved.

    At 12 or 13 years old, you knew that you shouldn't be doing that sort of thing, but you should not feel guilty about it since you were so young that you didn't understand all the harm that you could cause.

    Your best bet is just to be friends with her, and to love here like you should love a sister. If she ever brings it up, then talk with her about it, but try not to cause her harm by saying stupid things like confessing to her how you would like to have s** with her. You can't change the past, but you can change the future.

  • I rubbed my c*** on my friends hamburger just before she ate it!!!

  • Just say to her "Remember all those years ago when we had groin activity with our clothes on, well I think it's about time we re-visited that only this time we'll do it naked and I'll sink my c ock into ur sweetn lil c unt".

  • Like I should have done when u were 6

  • Get some help you inbred r*****. The answers you should really be looking for is how many times did your mum drop you?

  • Brothers and sisters experimenting with each other when growing up it totally normal. It happens all the time. If they want to consensual s** that is ok as well, as long as birth control is used.

  • Put your d*** inside her

  • Should have done that at6

  • My sister is 9 and i do..

  • You should take pic and send them to me

  • Good boy f*** her for me too, if I was her daddy she would be getting it in all her holes

  • You could try while sitting at the table having dinner "Hay sis, remember when you were 6 or 7 and I rubbed against you, pass the salt" Then when she recovers you continue with "Do you want to have incestuous s**, now the pepper please". I reckon that should do it.

  • Many siblings experiment while growing up, it's very normal. You need to start taking her out for meals etc and maybe eventually take her on vacation, but it must be just you two. Become more affectionate towards her, for example make the hugs last longer and kiss her on lips, eventually try open mouth kissing. Hopefully this will lead you two to s**, but make sure you use birth control.

  • Would have tasted sweet at 6or7

  • Leave it in the past. If she wants to talk about it she will bring it up.

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