Wax job

I went and had my everything wax today. It was the first time ever, and let me tell you that m************ hurt like a b****. A friend of mine convinced me to go because she goes. I had my p**** and ass waxed. Let me tell you I will not be having s** tonight. F***** still red as s*** down there.

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  • I wax my vag, ass, legs, and armpits. I started going when I was 17. It hurt the first several times i did it but now it's nothing. I hate body hair unless it's on your head. My man better be waxed or shaved or I'm not touching you. F****** Chia Pets are disgusting.

  • It would have to hurt. Thank you on behalf of all men.

  • Can i lick you deep in your front hole...that might feel good

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