Name was donelli

Went to the beach with some friends last weekend as a kind of pre-spring-break prep thing to party it out. there for three days and every day kept meeting up with this real young girl there with her parents. first day we made out on the sand. first night we f***** behind one of the dunes. she f***** hard like she was hungry like she needed it and so i gave it. second day we f***** in the water even though it started out being a little cold. second night we got our own room at a hotel separate from her parents hotel and ours but she left early to go back to their room. never been with a girl who was so aggressive or who knew so much about mens bodies she knew just how to rock my c***. damn. three holes. damn. third day she told me she had to spend with her parents and so i tagged behind them and kept sneaking her away from them to f*** her. that day she wanted all back door and that's what she got. we went back to our own hotel room that third night and when i got up the next morning she was gone. went to her parents hotel but i didn't know their last name so i couldn't find her. i waited out the front and by their pool and their beach but never saw them. her name was donelli but she didn't tell me her last name so i cant find her don't even know where she live or they live. problem is now i want more f*** from her. h*** now i want all of it full time. and i got no idea where to go get it or get on it. i hate myself now. i should have found out more. now wont ever get what belongs to me. didn't care about her age and don't even know. donelli. donelli. donelli. love her. need her. damn.

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  • Wow, that is true love. I see an other humbert humbert

  • You'll find another girl who is similar and wants to do it all. Vacation, that when every girl grows wings.

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