Fantasy becomes reality

Ive had a bellypunching fetish all my life never told a soul, I often fantasized about punching girls but more often asian girls. So one faithful day at a bar I meet the girl of my dreams!! Beautiful chinese girl. Through out the realtionship I fantasized about punching her but never told her. So one day after about two years in she randomly ask me "do u have any fetishes?" I was like ummm nah, so said come on baby u can tell anything I love u. So took a deep swallow and told her, she said " can punch me if you want" I almost fell off my chair, turned out she was into bondege. It's been 7 years now hundreds of bellypunching videos made. Then two years ago she have me son. My life is so blessed!! Wish I can give u guys some pics



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  • You should be burned alive you f****** weirdo

  • Entire post is just bullshit

  • Agree, I think I know who this person is because I have been monitoring posts for a long time and he goes on with garbage a lot. the word is psycho nutter for someone that is into that. a dangerous person to women indeed.

  • How many bellytards do you think hang around here, going by your monitoring? Do you think it's just 2 or maybe 3 people with no lives? I do.

  • I bet that 9 months, while she was pregnant, was hard. How did you cope with going cold turkey ?

  • You look like Lionel Richie don't you??

  • Haha nah, when I was younger they say I looked like Tupac. But you right I am black

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