Mother in law and me

My wife Carol whose 23 and i am 26 started living at her mother's house when we moved her for new jobs.

My wife is a night shift nurse and I do my IT business from home.

With in a week of moving in my mother in law Gloria who is 45 came on to me, and we started have oral s** several at night after my wife would go to work.

It six months now and at night the s** is non stop.

Gloria is unbelievable in bed and as a person we really click.

I realized I married the wrong woman. I told Gloria I'm divorcing Carol and want to marry her.

She said thank God, Carol was never good enough for me. Also Gloria told me she's pregnant. We always went bareback and I always came in her.

I love her so much.

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  • What kind of mother goes after their daughter's significant other?
    I'd be careful if I were you. This is a classic case of narcissism.

  • Or narcissis ,the daffodil like flower!

  • Love your thinking i wish i was you. l bet she is hot

  • I wish i could

  • My mother in law has never came onto me but we did have a lovely night on my wedding night.
    My mother in law was 48, I was 27 and I ended up having to carry her back to her room because she got carried away drinking and ended up way too drunk after a couple of my friends started feeding her drinks thinking they might get to bang a MILF, Anyway I carried her back to her room and flopped her on the bed, She was out like a light and the next day didn't remember how she got to her room but I undressed her and had my way with her licking her, Fingering her and finally banging her softly from behind while massaging her big floppy b**** and holding my thumb in her butt.
    I went back to the party and my wife never even noticed I was gone almost half an hour, an hour later nailed my wife.

  • There is a shyt storm brewing.

  • You're one of the luckiest men alive. I love this relationship you have with Gloria. Please tell us more. I wish you only the best.

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