Widowed secret Lesbian, Daughter issue

To start I'm a 39year old widow. I am also a closeted lesbian. I have only been with two people in my life, my late husband Tom. The other was my sister Gloria who died when I 1.

Gloria was 2 years older than me. I was 12 and she was 14, when we became lovers. We kept our love for each other a secret from everyone and I was devastated upon her death. I met my husband a year later trying to forget Gloria.

I took no pleasure from s** with Tom, but when I got pregnant I married him. I let him have s** with me, but longed for my sister.

Now here is the issue, we had identical twin girls Terry and Linda who are 18. Since Tom passed last year the girls have withdrawn from the world and want to always be together.

Three weeks ago, I got up in the middle of the night, and heard noise from their room. The door was open a crack and I looked in. The were naked and going 69.
It wasn't just experimental licking. They were full on tongue f****** each other.

I stood there watching, and after a few minutes realized I was masterbating. I didn't stop and held in a whimper as I came. I watched them c**.

Every night I've watched them. When they had their period, I was shocked as they tongued each others ass. Gloria had done that to me, but I couldn't bring myself to do it

This weekend they suddenly started being naked in front of me. I said you two get dressed. And Linda, looked at me and said, Why, you've seen everything you should be with us. They went to their room and locked the door.

That night I went to the door, but it was closed and locked. I heard them making love.

They know I've been watching. I want to join them. And they want me to join them.

I am fighting my desire. I was incestuous with my sister. She was the love of my life.

Do I dare, follow my heart and be with my daughters. I know I can only be sexual satisfied with a woman. I want them both so badly.


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  • Only join if you let me watch

  • How dare you not join them ?

  • I am sure the three of you would have great fun, and very likely to see your relationship blossom into something you've never imagined it could be. I started having s** with my brothers at a young age and now long for it again. I have wonderful memories of that time, and would to experience it again. Don't miss your opportunity.

  • Is it an issue?

  • I think the three of you can only find happiness, sexual satisfaction and true love with each other.

    Your lesbian incest is a purely form of mother daughter love.

  • Family love is something very special and can never really be ignored. I enjoyed s** with my sister and I really miss it since I got married. My advice to you is to go with it. They clearly want this interaction with you and you want them.

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