Trailer trash

Ok so I had been dating this 18yo chick much less than half my age and was banging her like a madman. she lived with her mother but she spent most nights with me at my house. everything was cool but she would never give up the ass. finally she introduced me to her mother who lived in a trailer park with her live-in s*** and her three young kids outside town. she was true trailer trash: none of the children had the same father and she didn't even know who the father was for one of them. we all had dinner together one night and my girl and her mom started a conversation with the next oldest daughter (15) about a*** s**. it seemed the mom was the only one who liked it or even did it. as we were leaving the restaurant the mom whispered to me: "call me sometimes if you want to hit some a******". like I said she was true trailer trash. but I called her the next morning while my girl was working and before I even had the chance to ask she offered to meet me at my house for s** and said "but before I drive all the way over there you gotta promise to f*** me in my s***". I said okay but that she was gonna have to be my b**** even if I kept dating her daughter. she laughed and promised she would be cool with that.....said she was at "that age" where she just needed all the action she could get, no matter what. needless to say we hooked up that morning and kept it up even after we got caught. we still f*** and I help her with expenses, although the daughter moved on to another guy eventually and busted up his marriage. but her trailer w**** mother is still with me and I help out with expenses in exchange for the filthiest a*** s** ever, and I even get to do one of her older friends from the park sometimes. the older friend isn't much in bed but she don't ever say "no". these b****** are spectacular trash. I love them both.


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  • S**** make the world go round

  • ^word^. total truth.

  • Beefy wee flaps!! Check out ayanatheone on reddit!!! She is filthy!!

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