Airheads run in the family.

My brother started banging this girl a while ago, Picked her up in the bar and took her home then called her the next day which is not normal but he said she was so good in bed he had to, My brother is 2 years younger than me and we hang out a lot. I ended up going over to her place with him the next time he went there and we had a few drinks. She is 22 and still lives with her mom and her little sister, I am 30 and my brother is 28 and around midnight they were in the bedroom banging, The front door opened up and this woman walked in, Drunk and stumbling but she stopped, Looked at me and said "Who the f*** are you?", I introduced myself and she apologized then said it was nice to meet me and went to the kitchen then upstairs.
Apparently she doesn't care that her daughter was getting nailed in the next room because even I could hear them and she just closed her door and went to bed. When they came out I told her that her mom was home and she just shrugged and carried on, This girl Carrie, Is a chubby brunette, Round ass, Muffin top and big t***, Her mom April is Thin, Bleach blonde, but also has pretty big t*** from what I could see. Through a little investigative research I discovered that she is 41 and married to a trucker named Don who has been Carrie's step dad since she was 12. I already knew Carrie was dumb as a stick and suspected her mom was similar being on her 3rd husband by the age of 41, I started going over more with my brother and one night while they were in the bedroom I got up, Walked up to the door and opened it, We were all pretty drunk but I walked right up, She stopped and looked at my brother, He looked at her and shrugged and she gave me head.
After that point I asked my brother what his plans were with Carrie and he said "Not much, I am definitely not interested in a serious relationship with a dirt bag" so I asked what the deal was with her mom, He laughed and said that Carrie's mom is another old dirt bag and goes to the local watering hole pretty much 4-5 nights a week when Don is away, I met Don a couple times and he seems like a pretty decent guy but if you are gonna leave an old dirt bag at home alone things are gonna happen, We went over to their house one night and the two of them left to go and get some stuff from another friends place and i didn't want to go so I waited there for them, While they were gone April came home drunk and p***** off about something, I had only met her a few times by that point but she was venting to me about how Don had p***** her off and she wanted to "Smoke up" but he told her she was supposed to quit.
I decided to go for it and whipped out my d*** saying "Why don't you suck on this instead?", It took probably all of 30 seconds before April was on her knees with a mouthful of d*** and I had just gotten her top off and had her big saggy t*** out when the front door opened up and in walked Carrie and my brother, Carrie screamed "Mom, What the f***?", April grabbed her clothes and didn't say a word as she bolted for her room, Carrie tried to give me s*** before she went to her moms room and about 5 minutes later they both came back out, Carrie took my brother to her room and wasn't even gone 10 seconds before I whipped my d*** back out, April got on her knees right there in the kitchen and swallowed a load and then I went home.
When my brother came home the next day we had a good laugh about the previous night and decided to see what all we could get them to do, The next night with very little persuasion me and him tagged Carrie and after each dumping a load in her mouth we just got up and left, 3 nights later while Carrie was passed out I had April on her knees again and my brother walked up, Slapped her on the side of the face with his d*** and she sucked us both off, A week later Carrie went on night shifts and my brother t** f***** April while I told her what a dirty old s*** she was and then I held her arms above her head when he started coming on her face. A few days later when Carrie got home from work in the morning I bent her over the bathroom counter and f***** her with my thumb in her ass and then my brother walked in and stood there watching until I dumped a load in her from behind, He took her to her room and bent her over the bed and I watched as he did the same thing I just finished doing, After she left for work the next night we got April tipsy and tag teamed her.
We were kind of getting bored and I changed it up a bit, I told my brother to see if he could get Carrie to do a threesome with him and one of her friends, He tried and she said she didn't have any single friends who would do it. He pushed a bit harder and tried for some different stuff and he was able to get her to take some pictures of her friends while they were changing or whatever so we got to see three of them naked and she video taped one through a glass sower door while she showered and Carrie sat in the bathroom talking to her. This whole time we were both nailing April and Carrie and April knew we were doing both of them but Carrie didn't.
When Don came home everything came to a grinding halt and I was pretty much banned from their house, After Don left again it was back on and one night I got an idea, I proposed it to my brother and he said "Ooohhhh, I don't think she will go for that" but guess what, He told her to do it and she said no, He said he would dump her if she didn't and she agreed to it.
The next time Don was home Carrie made sure Don walked in on her with a d**** in her and then she chased him to the kitchen buck naked and begged him not to tell April, My brother made her walk around with no bra and no underwear all the time and make sure don seen her t*** and p**** and after he left again my brother told her she had to f*** him or it was over, She said no and he didn't hear from her for a couple days but then she came crawling back.
When Don returned home she made sure he walked in on her again then she told him this long winded story my brother gave her about how she has always wanted him and she pretty much had to force herself on him but my brother video taped her from the closet while Don tossed her salad and then pounded her from behind, Carrie was none to happy about it afterward but we kept pushing her for more, We told her flat out about how we had been nailing her and her mom and after she settled down we got her and April drunk and my brother pounded Carrie on the couch while I pounded April on the floor and then my brother sat up and after he agreed to wipe his d*** off April gave him head and I pounded Carrie right in front of them, When my brother was done with April I made her sit on her knees with Carries head on her lap and she held Carries hair back and stroked my d*** until I came on Carries face.
I still wanted to get Carrie to have a threesome but she wasn't going for it until one night we had her and a friend of hers at our place and I sat beside Carrie with my d*** out, Carrie panicked and her friend just stared at us wide eyed, I grabbed Carries head and shoved her into my lap, Her friend watched in shock as Carrie sucked my d*** in front of my brother, I waved her over and she sat beside me, She watched closely and my brother started undressing her. Before long my brother had his girlfriends friend on her hands and knees fingering her while her and Carrie sucked my d***. I pushed Carrie onto her back and told her friend to make Carries p**** wet for me then shoved her face down into it, My brother pounded Carries friend while she ate out Carrie and I shoved my d*** in Carries mouth.
After that I was kind of done with both Carrie and April, My brother told me he was making Carrie f*** Don regularly when he was home and after a little thought I went back over to their place for a party, April was happy to see me and she had a friend their who is kind of a milf, Slightly thicker than April but not real big. April was all over me and I told her I wanted to f*** her friend Carol, April told me no but I pushed for it and the three of us sneaked down to Aprils room, I had Carol on her knees with a very unimpressed looking April watching as she sucked my d***, I told April to undress Carol and she did as she was told, Carol has big b**** with big meaty nipples and a big p**** that looks like it has been miled out a time or two, I got Carol on the bed and had her ass sticking out toward me and April, I grabbed April by the hair and told her to lick Carols p****, April said no as I shoved her face into Carols ass and she started licking her friend which apparently neither had ever done so that was cool, I got Carol on her back and straddled her face so I was facing her legs, I made April feed Carol my d*** and tell Carol how to suck it, I held Aprils face against carols and came on both of them, Made them clean it up and then 69 until I got hard again, I spent most of the night f****** both of them and making them do s*** to each other then in the morning I walked into the kitchen and bent Carrie over the counter and f***** her while I told her all about it.
Carol came in as I was holding Carries head on the counter and f****** her, I made Carol who is an old family friend come over and lean across from the other side of the counter and then made them pinch each others nipples while I f***** Carrie, I told carol to come around the counter and sit on the floor under Carrie as I f***** her, I kept pulling out and sticking my d*** in Carols mouth and then back in Carrie and then I pulled Carries hips back and pushed them down telling Carol to lick Carries p**** as I came and kept f****** her so Carol had to lick all my come as It dripped out of her.
Afterward Carrie bolted for her bedroom and my brother said she was crying, I am running out of ideas of what to do with these dirty b****** who seem to have no limit to their deviance.
Ideas anyone????


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  • Have them walk into a bar with cu m on their face. Have them give a hand job to a stranger while sitting at a bar.

  • I'm willing to participate?

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