It's undoable

My older sister dated a guy seriously in college, but they broke up bitterly. now his little brother goes to college with me. i've been in love with him since the second i met him in class. we became friends fast and i think he flirts and toys with me because our older siblings now hate each other so much so he knows we can't go anywhere.
i have a big heart but i won't let anyone know it and it's hard for me to take down my guard. but he said something to me, about how i really couldn't hurt a soul when everyone else believes i could. he says these things that no one should know all the time. it makes me feel like he knows me deep down. and i know he's been through so much and no one sees past the funny persona he has.
i should tell him but i'm not brave enough. and even if i was, our siblings are our best friends. we couldn't upset them. sometimes i think it's best if he were the big what-if/never-was in my life. maybe we weren't meant to be together. maybe no one will ever know me as well as he does.

Sep 15, 2010

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  • It's none of your sister's business or her ex's business who you date. If THEY have a problem with you two dating, then that's their maturity level that needs work. It sounds like the both of you have a lot of compassion and your feelings of love for him?...well that sounds mutual.

  • Talk to your sister, you never know :) and if you love him, don't just walk away. Love is impossible to find and if you find someone you love, do not just quit. Good luck :)

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