I got nudes from a 13 yr old girl, I’m 17, I did NOT ask for them but still feel bad having looked at them

Further clarification I did not like stare at them or anything I glanced and quickly deleted them

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  • Ask her to send some to me, and if she has younger siblings love some of them too

  • Dude some thot was sending me nudes. Like tf. And she told me she messaged the wrong guy. Like p*** off. I’m waiting till marriage

  • They aren’t deleted. You can never really delete anything. With the right software a law enforcement forensic team can recover every photo, text, contact or anything that was once on your phone, tablet or computer etc. If you truly didn’t want them and don’t want to get into trouble your best bet is to get a new phone and number and don’t give her the number or the very least block her number. If she continues to send nudes and by some chance she gets mad at you all she has to do is tell someone you made her and if photos of her are found on your devices then you go to prison for child p***.
    It doesn’t matter if you didn’t stare at them what matters is that they’re still on your phone. If you were dumb enough to show or send them your friends your chances of getting caught with them increase. People like to brag about such things. Just a little advice. Take it or leave it

  • I’ve already gotten a new phone number and blocked the said girl on all social media,it just still sits in myconscience just knowing I saw them

  • Yep,get a new phone and number,and destroy your phone,break it up and remove all components,and destroy,or bin them in different locations in a far spread out area

  • Yeah you're going to prison

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