Friend mom

When I was in school my bestfriends mom was super hot. I never did or said anything inappropriately, but used to m********* and think about her. Of course she was married so nothing ever would have happened anyway. 20 years later and I found out the other day they got a divorce. I went to see her and check if she was ok. She of course started crying and said she was old and no one would have her. I tried to comfort her by putting my arms around her. Honestly, s** was the furthest thing from my mind, but for whatever reason we kissed. I can't even explain it, nor do I really know who initiated it, but next thing I knew we were naked and I was f****** her. She's 56 years old, but she still has a nice toned body with nice little t******. I rubbed her p**** a bit and went down on her. I sucked on her c*** a bit, then crawled back up and slid my d*** inside her. She enjoyed herself very much and had an O right before I did. I wished her a good night and left. I didn't talk to her yesterday or today, but I'll go check on her tomorrow and see how she's doing. It may be a little awkward though.

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