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I've been married 8 years, and my marriage has had up and downs like anyone, but we are good. I'm 33 and my wife is 31.

I don't have many male friends, just 3 really. One is into music, so we do that over beers and such; the other two like sports, so they will come over separately to watch games in my man cave on the big screen.

It's a relatively new thing, but I've noticed in the last year that my wife is dressing up when my friends come over. She never did that before. She has been wearing skimpy athletic wear, short skirts, tight tops, etc. She has never told me that she thinks my friends (who are married) are attractive, but she looks like she is trying to get their attention. I've talked to her about this, but she denies it.

How do you handle a wife who is being too flirty, but denies that she is being so?

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  • She has a plan and you are not a part of it, or should I say that you are in the way until she figures out how to s**** one of them while you are watching the game. She will get you all drunk on beer while watching the game and when you are out of it she is going to s**** one of your good buddies. You will never know it happened , she and her new lover will be doing it right under your nose.
    I would advise you to keep an eye on your wife.

  • She is not being truthful with you. Of course she is trying to get the guys to look at her, sooner or later she will trap one of them into doing her right there in your own home with every body there. You of course will not know it is going on because most husbands are in denial about this sort of thing. Don't let her deny her actions , tell her you know what is going on . What ever you decide to do , keep it to yourself, don't tip her off.

  • She’s definitely dressing to impress someone. She may already have her mind set on seducing a friend of yours by grabbing his attention and seeing what happens then.
    Like one person mentioned don’t make any accusations against her dressing style just compliment.
    My first wife used to take any extra set of clothes to work when I realized she was having an affair I just let her continue and just walked out on her. She wasn’t worth it

  • NEVER confront..ALWAYS compliment.."baby, I love how you dress when my buddies come over..and believe me, they like it too. any chance we can anty it up a bit..like no underwear under baggy shorts ..loose shirts with no bra.. That would be SO hot?"...all with a smile..let her know YOU like it..and watch for her reaction

  • This is a lot of mens dream. I for one would love it if my wife f***** a few of my friends. Me and buddy spit roasted her when I was dating her, but now that we are married she doesn't do any other guys.

  • Take a before & during picture of her.
    When I proposed my wife & I separate she changed her everything for attention.
    I took a few weeks of pictures of how she'd morph in certain situations & she realized she was attention seeking.
    She also fell in love how much I was paid attention.
    My response when did I not?

  • You need to see how far she will go as to point it out to her

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