i must be weird.

i love my boyfriend, weve been together for a long time, but i was so young when we started dating we made a promise to wait until i was older to have s**. he is only two years older then me. weve recently begun to do some sexual things, and although i adore him and we plan to get married, i am still not sure if i can have s**. its like a wierd phobia. well maybe not phobia, im terrified its going to hurt me in someway. he has begun fingering me a little, and one time tried to give me oral, but i wasnt into it. i dont like when he does things for me, but i give him head all the time, and i love it. its so much hotter when he gets off. and it does kinda hurt when he does stuff. yet i find myself fantisizing about it. in my mind i want him really bad. but when it gets down to it, his package is huge and it kinda hurts...and that bothers me. i hope i can get over it before next year, cause that would be the worst wedding night ever, for both of us.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ She's not any weirder than the first commenter.

    "Some of us may die in childbirth..."
    W? T? F?

  • aww.thanks...that makes me feel alot better acctually. hearing from a complete stranger makes it seem better then when comming from me friends.

  • It's okay to be nervous. I'm nervous for my first time, too, for the same reason. Just remember that billions and billions of women have been through this before in their lives... and come out okay. Some of us may die in childbirth, but we can all fit a p**** in there. (Unless you have a super-rare medical condition that prevents it.)

    Anyway, just try to stop thinking about it. Make sure you're really wet beforehand. And remember that you love each other, and that is more important than s**.

  • how BIG is he??

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