Corrupting my devout wife.

I turned her, over time, little by little into a s** obsessed wife who will f*** other men when I tell her too. . We both get excited when I
find a guy who I want her to tease and get f***** really good by. I thought about taking her to a wrestling match and asking her which big man would she like to be bedded by? She has curves like a hula dancer, is plain facially, and looks like the Farmer's daughter. some guys know she could be persuaded to give in because she's very plain and naive... She has cooled to the swinging idea and we just live a boring life. I know at least five guys who f***** her and that still excites me. When she sees them, she walks right by as if they never existed. What I really miss is the occasional man on the phone who asks for her.and tells me that he hears my wife f**** other men, then, I listen to see if she's breathing hard.

May 1, 2019

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  • My wife, 32 yo, barren, with ample b**** with little sag and broad ass cheeks, is s**-obsessed, always keep on h**** (excepting those monthly days!) - simply s** maniac. I failed to satisfy her needs. We talked the situation over and she agreed to have men in her s** life and I agreed to keep our marriage in tact. Now she would f*** as many as three men a day. Just straight f**** in any position, no a*** or bdsm. She is also into 3 and four-some, two lesbian affairs. I feel good to f*** her les friends once in a while. It suits us very well. Recently, we have connections with on-line friends, 3 of them are in their late 30s or early 40s, well endowed. They f*** her at our place in exchange of money. - $200 for three hours. We are thinking of inviting their friends to share her kinks.

  • I want to fu ck her. Also does her stomach growl loud? I have a stomach fetish

  • Good tell her to come fu ck my as s and I will believe you. For I am a doubting Thomas LOL.

  • My wife shared a couple of men in s** - mostly in 3-some - MMF and once they are done I f*** her c**-flowing p****. Lately she is hooked with a black c*** and we have him almost once a week. He is almost 9" and thickest I have ever seen. I watch him f****** from behind as if this c*** almost draws part of her c*** out and bury deep into her till she c***! I also enjoy him giving me bj!!

  • Wow lucky lady. I’m jealous

  • My wife has a black fuckbuddy with a beer can c***. Even after three kids she was still pretty tight, but not anymore! My average one gets her off, but she needs his occassionally to get to that really intense o***** that she really craves.

  • I know the feeling. My hubby is hung long. But nothing better than a THICK BBC. Makes me drip just thinks about it.

  • Maybe me and ur hubby can g******* my daughter!!!

  • No little c*** ever gets the job done. Once she’s been fully filled by another mans thicker c*** she will have convinced herself it was the right decision.
    I’ve seen it from the ladies I’ve dated.
    I too have convinced them to try a well endowed guy and trust me they eventually turn around and thank me.
    I don’t date them much longer after that just move on to the next one. I get gratification knowing I was able to watch

  • Honey once you been stretched you don’t want a skinny c***.

  • That's what my wife says. She laughs at my short, skinnypenis. She tells me that her bf is average but that's better than mine.

  • Good for you every wife is a s*** to be used for sexual toys. You really should be proud of yourself and get her on the internet for the whole world to see and enjoy

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