Totally humiliated

My girlfriend (22) is a student and lives in a flat with 3 other students, a girl and three guys. She sometimes talks about one of these guys who studies sport. She talks a lot about how athletic he is and so on. The other day I was h**** as h***,  and I think my jeans couldn't hide the bulge. We were in their yard about to enter the house and have s**, when we met him. Right there and then they started joking and laughing with each other right in front of me. I lost control and attacked him. He promptly reacted and blocked my arm behind my back in a s***** hold. I noticed there that his arm was actually quite big. The b****** also had an advantage, because he is the kind of guy who is always wearing a sweatsuit, while I was wearing jeans and a denim jacket. I tried to hit him with my other arm, but somehow he caught it and kneed towards my stomach. I fell down onto the ground. As a few moments later I blindly tried to attack him again, he kicked me and I fell down. I almost couldn't breath for the pain and the humiliation. Then I could only hear that he was saying something to my girlfriend and left. My girlfriend was almost laughing at me and said I shouldn't have provoked him, saying that he is much stronger and that he knows karate. I never felt more emasculated!

Nov 6, 2020

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  • I feel for you. I got beat up once by my girlfriend's ex, and it's super embarrassing. And then there's always the thought of you knowing that she knows that her flatmate can beat you up. You always wonder how she feels about that.

  • Your girlfriend is s******* these guys and using you...

  • WTF!

  • What your girlfriend said the next day

  • She made fun of me, and yesterday we had a bit of an argument and she said she would call him if I wouldn't behave properly

  • Looks like the OP-JO is busy replying to self again.

  • Hahah! OP-JO?

  • So what happened with your girlfriend the next day

  • The evening itself lf course there was no s*x, the day after we tried, but I was not in great shape, also because we were in their flat...

  • Looks like the OP-JO is busy replying to self again...

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