So I must admit I read a couple of confessions about doctors examining other men's wife's and thought I would love that, especially if neither side new.

My wife was has and still is visiting a gynecologist specialist as she has a super sensitive g-spot and it is very uncomfortable, but as I've said I've been inspired by these posts.
My wife gets uncomfortable and anxious when we are out, so on special request I'm with her all the time, we very recently went for her appointment.

I've been hoping' and as I sort all her appointments out I requested a male, "she wanted a woman" when we got there she was so nervous, she was drinking so much water (more than usual).

The nurse came through and called out her name, she was nervous she had to go to the toilet, I got up and explained where she was, I told the nurse who new our situation, that she would prefer no one else in there during the examination, just me, her and the doctor, as she had requested, however she thought that was a female'.

When we stepped in the room which I you could see my wife's shocked face, I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say what can you do? At this point I new she would be in a daze and confusion, as the doctor asked questions I had to answer due to her nervous confused state.
He said I will step out a moment while you take your clothes off when he stepped out I had already felt myself getting excited.

My wife was extremely nervous now and seemed like she didn't know what was happening, as I help take her bottom half clothes off, I said arms she said what I replied "he said take your clothes off he knows better than we do!" And continued to take her top half off, she kept saying why am I... why.... I had managed to get her arms up and half way when the door knocked, I said yes come in, excitedly.

I pulled the rest of her clothes off, and as she lay on the bed I stepped out the curtain and quietly said to the doctor "could I please request you don't use rubber gloves as they irritate her he said "well they are the only ones I have" I said "we'll they do irritate her and we are trying to find what the problem is?"

He said OK, as we both went through the curtains i could see my wife covering her t***, I said "do you want me to hold your hand?" And as I went to the top of her head to hold her hand she didn't know which one to give, so i smiled and held both above her head in my hands and buried my head with hers, she said erm.... erm.... and nervously giggled a bit.
As I had requested the doctor didn't wear gloves and began to examine he seemed uncomfortable as well, like he didn't quite know what was happening, but he couldn't stop starring at my wife's t***, as he was examining he said you might feel a little discomfort? As he was feeling around he said I feel something, I will try to be gentle!

He said I think it tissue? My wife was very red' he said I will make sure it's all out, as he kept moving his raw finger around my wife was clearly get aroused and turned on, he was asking questions like is this uncomfortable? She replied just very sensitive, while biting her top lip! By this point the room just smelt of her p****, the doctor was taking in deeper breaths and by now was clear the smell of my wife was turning him on he would every now and then look up at me, but I made out my head was buried nuzzling my wife's head.

He said "is it uncomfortable anywhere else? And now his thumb was rubbing her c***, my wife replied "no it's just my
g-spot is very sensitive!
By this point he was licking his lips and breathing very heavy my wife was moaning with pleasure, and the strong smell of my wife's p**** just filled the entire room my wife gave out a scream "aarrrrgggghhhh!!" And then she squirted all over him!

She said "I'm very sorry" he replied with "don't worry these things happen" and smiled.
He asked if I didn't mind going on the other side of the curtains as he needed to change due now to being soaked, I said "I have to stay with my wife"
"You will be, just on the other side of the curtain, I don't feel comfortable getting changed in front of you! I replied OK.

As I was stepping out of the curtain my wife was still enjoying her o*****, her legs and p**** drenched in juices, and I stepped out leaving a crack in the corner to see.

As I left I heard the doctor say "well we should really clean you up too , she put her hand out to grab the paper towel, but instead he licked down her leg and started to clean up her p****! She looked startled and then put her hand over her mouth to cover her noises,
He was eating her p**** squeezing her t*** now! He was also undoing his bottom half, I had the biggest h****** of my life!!

It didn't not take more than a couple of minutes and she was squirting again, but this time he was drinking it from her no sooner he had finished drinking her he got of his knees and slipped his c*** in her, (about the same size as me) he was pushing hard and deep and squeezing her t*** again with one hand and now vigorously rubbing the s*** out of her c***! Even with her hands over mouth she was moaning really load, and he was grunting he pulled out of my wife's p**** and now gently press his c*** in her ass, I heard her say "YES!" Quietly,
I said from the other side of the curtain "is everything alright?" His reply with"yes I'm just cleaning myself up!

As I kept watching, he once again, he pumped hard and deep in my wife's ass!
This went on for about 10 minutes until she squirted, and I do mean squirted like a waterfall!! All over him again!
This seemed to excite him even more, and he shot his load in her ass! Afterwards they both quickly cleaned up.

He said afterwards he is not sure what the problem is but will need to see my wife in a couple of weeks more exstencively we both agreed and left.

This was Wednesday, my wife has not said anything of what happened and has been very quiet, can't till then the X


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  • So are confession sites where fanfiction writers who have no interest in scifi go? Jesus, make it shorter next time. You're a serial poster, so don't blow it all at once. I can't believe I have to tell you this.

  • I encouraged my wife to have a Mirena IUD so that she would have her male doctor feeling her up down there.

  • Dude, I did something similar with my wife, only it was with a couples massage.

    We went on vacation and I talked her into getting a couples massage. When they asked me if I wanted a male or female for me, I said female. The lady then said she was the only female on duty and asked if I minded for my wife to have a male. I looked at wife and said if she doesn't mind, then I don't mind. She was fine with it.

    They took us to a room and told us to undress as far as we were comfortable. My wife undressed to her bra and panties. I stripped naked, then looked at her and asked why she stopped? She asked me if it would bother me, I told her heck no. So she stripped all the way down.

    When the guy came in to massage her I was watching as best I could. She didn't hold back, and totally let her massage her naked body. She told me later that he was so close to her p**** that he was slightly rubbing her and she was getting h****. At one point he asked us both if it was ok to massage her b******. I watched as he did, and it was good thing I was on my stomach because my d*** got really hard. Afterward we f***** harder than ever before.

  • I chose my OB doctor because he was a cute doctor. I enjoyed every minute when he was down there. One appointment he was examining me down there and I was extra h****. I had an o***** as soon as he touched me. I had to clinch my fist and bite my tongue to keep from letting him know. Then he made the comment that I was "very well lubricated for a pregnant lady". I wanted to tell him I could be more lubricated if he would go ahead and f*** me. I never told my husband that was why I chose him for a doctor. I used him for all three of my kids.

  • How old are you now woman with 3 kids

  • Just turned 32 a month ago. Still with my husband. And still bored to death with my life. All I do is raise kids, clean the house, take care of my husband, and repeat. Fml

  • Obviously it's not just a a f*** you need it's the excitement of it all, I class my self as a master at orchestrating situations how about I try and make your life more interesting? O.P.

  • How have you done this before?

  • If you need a real man, I will be happy to give you my 8 inch d*** and f*** the s*** out of you.

  • This experience was amazing and I know I'm going to carry it on even if my wife seems racked with guilt, but she has been more accomidating in the bed room

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