I don't want to tell you the whole thing .But i am crushing my dreams because of my parents , they don't want me to become what i wanted to be in my life . i'm just struggling for my dreams . i wish everything will be fine .I don't know how to make them understand . i wish sometime like why i was born, if they don't want what i want to become.

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  • How old are u

  • Tell us sweetie... hun... sweetie... we want to pretend we care so that you'll tell us all your underage secrets hun... hun... sweetie...

  • You do NOT have to crush your dreams to make your parents happy in life. If you do, you will regret it forever and hold resentment towards them. If they love you, and I am sure they do, they will learn to accept you for you. They, or anyone else for that matter, can not determine what your life is to become. You are in control of that...ONLY YOU! You are in the same situation as any other young guys by wanting to please your parents. However, you must know that you need to be happy in life in order to truly be happy yourself. Hugs.... WA_Bi_Guy

  • You don't have to become u already r a bitchh šŸ˜

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