How to break up with a girl:

Become a ghost to her.

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  • Ghosting is for cowards and lowlifes.

  • Finish what you start.

  • I always tell them it's me. She's too good, too smart, too beautiful, deserves more. By the time I'm done they think breaking up is their idea and in their best interest. There are a few tears, even had one woman introduce me to her best friend. No added drama, no luggage, no phone calls at all hours, to tearful meetings out in public, no keyed car. Best break-up ever.

  • What a cuckold way of breaking up. "I always tell them it's me". Puh-lease. If it's their fault, tell them. Better to be honest than a lying douche.



  • I'm Casper to all my exes. He's a friendly ghost.

  • Round up a cupule of her ex'es and show her her Christmases of past, present and future, if you want, but you'll still be Tiny Tim.

  • Why! You chopped off your sack?

  • By ghost I assume you mean you just stop communicating. That's p*** weak.

    To break up, just tell her it's over. She'll cry. Be strong and repeat it's over.

  • Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Ghosting someone just leaves them confused and unhappy. They don't deserve that.

  • Regardless of gender, when ending a relationship - Be honest and tell her, you no longer want to be with her.

    Never do it over a text message, WhatsApp or social media. Preferably in person.

    Always be respectful and cordial ending the relationship, DON'T be offensive and disrespectful about it.

    Good luck

  • Yes. Face to face. Anything else is p*** weak.

  • I agree :)

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