Cute moment with my crush

When I was in 6th grade, I was in this advanced class with my crush, Tyler, and some other people. It was a class that will give you a higher chance of getting in a good college. But anyways, we were making a paper boat that was supposed to go fast on the water. So, then I got up to go get tape. When I tried cutting out the tape with a scissor, I noticed Tyler coming towards and said, "Where's the tape?" I faced him, showing him the tape. I rushed the scissor to cut the tape quickly but I wouldn't budge. He chuckled and took the scissors and tape away from me and said, "I'll cut it for you." And he did. I said, "Thanks..." I was blushing. Oh, how cute he was.

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  • So cute

  • My s**** smells of bleach

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