Bullying in HIgh School

I was in the dressing room after gym class when this punk decided to make a smaller boys life miserable for the fun of it. He wrapped tape around the poor kids head and when the kid tried to remove it the punk went to him and rewrapped the tape.

I foget how this ended up but where was the coach or any other authhority.

Feb 7

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  • I got bullyed in school, im skinny and douchey and was there target. Had my clothes stollen durring gym class. Was taken to tha common area naked and left there with girls lol.

  • You get erect?

  • I get erect every time I read about the ** of Nanjing, which was by the way just a practice session.

  • Shut up your a teen not a kid. Do you even know you aren't both a child and a adult? By the way, I consider myself a adolescent and rather be preferred called a young person or a minor more than a kid or a child. Don't even listen to those type of people, they don't actually know anything about human development.

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