breathing room

i love my boyfriend, but i cant go a damn place w/o him. do u know how ridiculous it is to date someone for almost 11 months and have spent 1 f****** day away from each other. i want to choke him sometimes. and now my ex is contemplating whether or not he made a mistake dumping me, and that almost seems like the perfect escape.

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  • already happens

  • ^already happens

  • I think you should stay with him, you'll never be alone or lonely, who cares if you want a minute to think or some time to yourself, he'll always be there for you. Always. For ever. Eternally. Nothing like someone who will never give you a moment of peace, you'll get tired of resisting it after a while, and just kinda nod when he says something, chuckle when something is said, you won't even know what he said.

  • I know how you feel, but there isn't much you can do about it. I go somewhere, she needs to go as well, I get a new friend, she needs to meet them or hang out with us all the time. Some people are just like that, so either live with it, or break up with them, thats about the only choices you have.

  • ^played is supposed to say planned...and he gets emo when I wanna go somewhere by myself...just wanted to clarify

  • ^I've tried to tell him, but he has like seperation anxiety, he said he's happier when im around, and he's constantly worried when im not, so he doesn't like me to go anywhere without him. Which is normally ok because I do love him and all my friends love him so its not awkward or anything, until a played girls night or something, and im the only lame ass that had to bring their boyfriend. Luckily he doesn't get angry, but unfortuantly he gets like emo and sad. Urgh.

  • the best thing to do is just to tell your boifriend that you need some breathing room. try to get it across that your not dumping him or anything, you guys just dont have to spend every waking moment together. and as for your ex, dont get back together with him just to get out of your situation with your current bf. just remember that there was a reason that you guys didnt work out and just because you guys broke up doesnt mean that the reason is gone, you just havent had to deal with it. hope i helped :)

  • Kill him

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