Story from Vietnam

I'm white and my closest companion during this war was a gigantic black Dude whose last name was Robin. This earned him the nickname "Wonder Boy".

We were on R&R when we came to a tent bar and whorehouse with a sign that said "No n****** allowed" It wasn't Americans who put the sign up it was the g*** than ran the operation.

I looked at Wonder oy and I said we're going in this m***********. Wonder Boy said man lets go someplace else we be going to the damn brig we be going in dere.

I said I don't give a f***. We're going in there. We went in and the g*** said "read sign. we no want n****** in here" I said well your gonna let this n***** in.

The little asian man started shoving me and I knocked him down. He hit me with a pool cue but I was high and didn't feel it.

In the meantime, Wonder Boy had dumped all of the guy's beer on the floor ice and all with the g*** saying "YOU GET OUT, I CALL POLICE". The whores in the tent were all screaming and running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

We did leave the tent in shambles and we were arrested and reprimanded. We did a month in the brig. After this, there was an order out that if we saw a sign that said no n****** allowed it was off limits to all soldiers. The tent owner got $500.00 compensation but was told not to return to the area.

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  • It wasn't cool for the Asian guy to post that sign, but neither was you and your boy's idiot reactions. Sounds like three racist ret@rds meeting in the Vietnam jungle. What do you want, applause? You're not getting it. Grow the f*** up, "soldier".

  • Not even the gooks want n****** lol

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