Occurance at a bar in Vietnam

I was a soldier in Vietnam. Heres a story from that time in my life. I went to school with my ol buddy and when the war rolled around we enlisted in the army. We went through basic training and were sent to Vietnam.

I have many stories to tell of that time but here's just one.

My friend and I made friends with a black guy fro Mo-town. His name was Wonder boy because his last name was Robin. We were on R&R and we decide to go to a bar.

The first bar we came to was a shithole of a dive that had a sign that said "no n****** allowed" this was not the Americans idea it was the Vietnamese. The whores in the bar didn't want to f*** blacks.

The three of us were high on pot which in those days was a potent weed grown in Thailand.

We saw the sign and we said ok we'll see about this s***.

We went in this dive and some g*** said "you ead sign we no let n****** in here" Wonder Boy slapped his yellow ass across the room onto the floor. The whores scattered in horror. I told the wdie eyed g*** bartender that we needed a f****** drink and he damn well better give it to us.

He said no. We no serve n******.

We started busting up the bar and fighting the bartenders and the owner.

We were winning of course and some Arvn Policemen can in and the fight was on. We were beating the s*** out of these a******* when some American MPO's showed up and arrested us.

The army had to pay the owners of this bar $500.00 but the commanding officer after hearing our version of the story let us off. The bar was made off limits to the army personnel in the area.

The bar was about to go out of business when they took the sign down and said all Americans were welcome.

My friends and I were still p***** and when we returned to the bar we busted it up again.

This time we ended up in the brig for a month until it was out time to go on combat again.

Story out of Vietnam.

Apr 15, 2016

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  • You are strong, serves them damn right for not letting blacks in, race does not matter!

  • Good job bro,thanks for serving and sharing.

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