Starring contest

I was hired to work on computers. My job was to draw what others had designed and from time to time they’d come to my desk and we’d discuss changes that needed to be made.
The way my desk was set up folks would stand in front and lean over to point out what needed doing. My boss who was extremely beautiful came in one morning to discuss changes on a project. She stood at the door talking about it for a while and as she stood there w her knee high black leather boots, her tight business skirt and her figure fitted blouse hugging her curves I couldn’t help but to fantasize about her. The top 3 or 4 buttons were undone , for fashion sense I figured, and could nearly see her b****** pushing up and together. I could make out her bra and could see the top of her bra barely covered her nipples, just to the top of the areola.
She then came to the front of my desk to point out and to mark up the changes that needed to be made. She leaned way over in front of me and her blouse fell open and I could clearly see the white lace bra. There was no solid fabric to it. It was all lace therefore I could see both her perfect b****** on display as well as her hard nipples. Did I mention she was beautiful? Short dirty blonde hair, slim curvy body, about 5’7 and about 125lbs.
So there she is leaning over towards me talking. Now the point had been made about the changes but she was still bent over towards me talking.
I couldn’t help myself and was just starring at her perfect b******. I was dialed in and for some reason I knew she saw me. I must have been starring for a couple of minutes just daydreaming about her.
I kinda came to and she was still talking and I had no idea what she said but again I could feel her looking at me. I took my eyes off her b****** and looked up and she was starring directly into my eyes and soon as we made eye contact she quickly grabbed her blouse , covered up and stood up with her hand still covering the loose part of her blouse.
Nothing was ever said but I never fully understood why she’d purposefully put herself on display then get offended when I looked.
My confession is that we were both married and I , a married man, couldn’t take my eyes off her.
My question is why would she do that? Purposefully lean down and show herself for so long knowing I was starring at her?

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  • A lot of females get off on their power and attention. My wife calls it "The power of the pu ss" Sadly a lot of us guys are very vulnerable to it.

  • Guess you're not superior to the rest of the animals of this planet after all then, if your intellect can't work around your unthinking impulses. That's the only advantage humans have in the animal kingdom, and if you fail at even that, well...

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