I fantasize about being with 6-14 year old girls ... and maybe bo

I'm a pedophile ... no ifs hands or buts about it. I know people will hate me for it, but this is the first time I've admitted it. No I haven't acted on this irl. The most I've done is read erotic stories online about it.

But sometimes I catch myself wishing that I had friends who would invite me over to make love with their little angels. I would love to have friends like that. Of course, unlike some others, I would treat the little ones with respect. No means no after all. But if they consented I would first have them tell me what they like, and I would do my best to oblige.

My favorite fantasy for girls is bdsm ... tying the little bunnies up and letting them squirm as I play with their awating bodies. I would tell them not to c** until after I told them to. Their punishment would be that if they disobeyed my commands or complained, I would start all over again after giving them a good spanking, and make it even more difficult for them not to c** when we started again. I would make them s*** My d*** until their bellies were full of my c**, and that would be their dinner. Then I would go for their p*****s and f*** them until they pass out. I'd clean off my c**k and splash cold water on them to wake them back up and then lube up their a******* for a round of a** f***ing. And if the parents want to join in? Of course I would let them ... h*** I'd f*** them too if they wanted. It would be the same for little boys too except I would s*** off their little c**ks until their little b***s turned into raisins as they did the same to me. I would also use various toys to help with the pleasure.

I really want to try it ... anyone want to help me?


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  • You didnt choose this, but you must not act on it literally or your life is over and some kids are f****** destroyed. You might be able to find a wispy 18yo who will put on a school skirt for you. If necessary go to a pro.

  • Sure! I know where there's a little girl in a cabin all by herself. I'll take you out there to meet her. There's no cell signal and only I and my friends know the way in and out. Trust me, it'll be worth it. Just ignore the rope and shovels and things in the trunk when we come pick you up. ;)

  • Haha ... nope

  • My niece has a sweet p****

  • Care to share?

  • If you would like too talk with her on here

  • I would like that

  • I would

  • I bet you would love my three daughters...

  • I'm sure I would ;)

  • I am doing my daughter and son and two nieces. we use spanking as part off discipline and i have permission too spank my nieces

  • Let me know if you need a helping hand ;)

  • You still there.?

  • I'm here

  • If i was into ropes i must admit id gladly hang you

  • I'm going to sleep f*** my nine years old neice in every hole and I don't care what anyone thinks

  • I like your resolution. If you are determined, you may get your wishes fulfilled. don't back down. And at nine, I am sure she is ready for it.

  • 9 years is a lovely age for little girls, don't you think?

  • Nice for my d***

  • I will let you talk with my daughter.

  • Why thank you ;)

  • Do her for me too

  • Love to join you, I am not into rape and abuse but I agree if they enjoy it I would gladly bed them, bby and up for me

  • As I said, I'm into bdsm as a dom but I wouldn't do anything that the little lovelies don't want.

  • But often they don't know what they want. For example. The first time they
    s*** D***, they may not want it or like it. The taste and smell and wetness etc. But once they experience it, they become addicted and then they want it every day. They go begging the boys at school for it. So, you can't always know if they will love it or not. Don't base it on what they want. Teach them to want it.

  • That covers me, pedo for sure ONLY young p**** but not forced only if they like it, tiny knickers too

  • Don't do it

  • Amazing

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