Girlfriend Sharing

I have a huge fetish for sharing my girlfriend. I get very turned on thinking about her f****** another man, whether it's with me watching or behind my back.

My current major turn on is watching her get a massage that slowly turns sexual through groping leading to full intercourse. This would all be with her consent and the thought of her being so aroused she stops caring and f**** someone else is the part that really gets me going.

I don't know how to approach the subject. Should I get her a massage and ask the guy to try and persuade her? Should I encourage her when we go out with friends for drinks? Do I approach the subject in a normal situation?

Does anyone have any tips or stories to share with me to help?

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  • I can see your future son. One day my son.. you will be a full blown Cuckold
    I was just like you. It happened by mistake. I was having s** with my girlfriend in a small neighbors shed who I thought was gone. We really hadn’t has s** many times. He opens the door to catch us. He tells me I’m in serious trouble.Then without asking pulls out his semi erect c*** which was huge compared to mine. Debbie cannot take her eyes off him. Once he’s in I’d say at least 10” I can see her eyes rolling from all the pleasure his c*** is producing. He makes her c** over and over. When he’s done he makes me clean her up and I make her c** again orally. She could not stop talking about him

  • Invite a hot guy over that she may find sexy. Once she goes to bed tipsy start f****** her from backside. Slowly move over so your friend can have her. If she thinks he’s already hot looking she won’t matter once she’s getting it from him.
    Did it in College to my girl all the time. Trust me she’ll notice the c*** size difference but will be to excited and well pleasures to ask questions

  • That's rather lacking in consent isn't it? I'd rather she accepts it before we start ..

  • Strangely enough we have just experimented with another male. My wife had only had s** with me and was curious.
    When the subject came up I asked her if she wanted a "one off" session with a male or female and she said yes to a male. They guy was younger than us, good looking and my wife said much bigger than me downstairs.
    He came to our house, stopped the night and made love to my wife twice that evening and once the next morning. To hear her and him having s** got me aroused as well.
    The following morning he left.
    Now we agreed it was a "one off" but 2 weeks later she went to a hen weekend away.....I did not ask if she met this guy again but I think she might have.

  • I would be able to find out

  • If you’re going to share her and not be present be prepared to lose her. A lot can go on when you’re not there and next thing you know she’s not coming home.
    She may become attracted to him and see less in you sexually. Have her choose a guy when y’all go out and make sure he’s aware of the rules.
    I just started sharing my hot gorgeous older wife with a college kid down the block. He’s every I could have wished for in beauty and c*** size. She has become so attracted to him it’s amazing how she makes love to him at first then goes totally wild. We have him over at least once a week now.

  • My gf has done that a lot. She has a young lover who even lived with us for months at a time. It is indeed incredibly fun, just make damn sure you don't give her mixed messages. Be supportive and appreciative ALL the time. You may have to wrestle with feelings of jealousy but make damn sure you don't make her feel guilty about it. If she does it, she us a s** goddess and you are a lucky dog. No one should ever be mean to women. If you are, that's what makes a guy a loser!

  • No share your mom ass hole

  • You need a male friend who is a player, and preferably someone she doesn't know too well if at all.

    I seduce my friends girlfriends/wife's a lot, it would be better if she chose to do it without you talking about it trust me.

    I can explain more if you wish and yes I have many stories of what I've done

  • Yes please do go on. What kind of scenarios have you gotten into and how do I find someone like you to initiate??

  • I've got a few women I'm interested in at the moment but I'm willing to get your wife to cheat on you.

    With your help it can make it easier, I've done massage seduction so that's not going to be hard, I'm going to need to know a bit about your girlfriend?

  • Get out of here loser!!

  • Why are you calling him a loser? He wants to share his girlfriend, what's wrong with that?

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