Is a happy ending cheating?

I moved to a new state and was really lonely so i just satrted going to massage parlors to be touched and soon happy endings happened and i really liked it. I kept going for a year and now it's a bit of a fetish. I have a girlfriend now but i still want the massage and happy ending. H*** ill even pleas myself as long as i have that tease and suspense of possibly getting a happy ending. The fact of being naked and a stranger massaging me and causing me to be aroused is a turn on but i don't want to cheat on my girlfriend. Is beating yourself off infront of someone cheating?

Apr 11

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  • Why have a girlfriend or wife if you are gonna cheat? Stop waiting their time. This isnt noble man behavior. Be better than this! Also dont go get any STDs. Preserve yourself.

  • I got a call from a nice sounding lady for a massage, I do a few for free just for the kicks, and usually the call is from a couple.
    I never realized how common it is for husbands to like their wives getting rubbed by another male, and often they want full s**.
    Right here in our little down of 4000 people, I know of at least two dozen, some no one would ever suspect, like our local sheriff, the mayor, and even the deacon at one of our local churches.
    I have seen so many of their wives naked, yet a call from a single female is rare.
    She rented a motel room, when I got there and set up, she had on a halter top and shorts, with a thong underneath.
    Within 5 minutes, she asked me if she could take off her top, I said sure, and she did it lying face down. I did not massage carefully and soon had her t*** in my hands, then off came the shorts, next the thong, the heat rising out of her crack was amazing. She kept lifting her butt so I cupped her v***** and let me thumb slide in, that fast she was spasming.
    I took her though two very nice o******, the second one she was on her back, legs as wide as she could get them.
    Just like that, she was done, she got dressed, told me to sit on the massage table, then she reached to undo my slacks, tugged down my underwear and jacked me off.
    Just as I was beginning to let fly, she leaned down and slid her lips over me, and swallowed everything.
    Before I could get my pants back up, she grabbed her purse and left.
    Never saw her again, darn it.

  • I am unlicensed masseur, I go to people's home and massage them. Probably 90% of them are housewife types where the husband wants me to look and touch.
    I love my work, and charge just a pittance.
    Giving women happy endings is a kick, let me tell you.
    Just one husband so far has asked me to massage them, too, and I did.
    He got a giant erections and his wife sat there naked and played with herself while I jacked him off.
    Great fun.
    In all this time I have only had s** with just one, and older lady about 60 or so, she asked me nicely to please her, so I did.
    She said her husband had passed several years before, and she had not been touched since.
    She was eager and amazing.

  • I started going to a masseuse more than 40 years ago, she was a Swedish lady about 50 at the time, I was middle 20's. I saw her every Saturday morning for 10 long years. Her massage room, she had built herself out of cement blocks. She was not married, never had been.
    The one thing about her was, she would sit on a chair and watch me undress, I have had many massages since, they all leave the room.
    I asked her once about that, she said she wanted to see how I moved, so she could decide which areas might need work.
    Perfectly legitimate, no happy endings in all that time.
    Then one day she told me she was retiring, and I was her last customer.
    Next, she surprised me by asking me if I would like to have s** with her, so I did.
    It was amazing, she was a long way from pretty, but sure a lot of fun, eager.
    I stayed there all day Saturday and Saturday night. It was fairly emotional when I left, I was hoping for more.
    Then she explained, she was diagnosed with some kind of terminal cancer.
    I read the obituary in the newspaper a few months later.

  • I was traveling for work and got a massage, hand job and 'happy ending' from a guy. He offered oral but I thought that was going too far.

  • I'm a masseuse and get tipped extra for many things. lol
    "happy endings' is one.
    The weirdest thing I got ask to do was 'rim' an older asian guy. He was a regular and had been begging. He kept begging and offering crazy $.
    I know this is TMI and might get deleted but I finally agreed as long as he agreed to arrive CLEAN and allow me to CLEAN with a sanitizing wipe his area FIRST!

  • I'm a licensed masseuse that teaches nutrition, yoga and lamaze our of my Shala. I also had to close during the pandemic.
    My husband's firefighter friend and co-worker had recently experienced knee surgery. He was out on short term leave and could no longer attend his physical therapy due to Covid.
    He messaged that he was experiencing cramping in his calf and asked if I could massage it out for him. My husband had just started a 12 hr rotation so I told him to come on over.
    He asked for the 'full experience'. So I told him to bring a robe and I'd provide some towels. Things got heated as my hands explored. I quickly discovered he was fully naked and was impressed and jealous of his wife having access a thick p**** and huge sack. His p**** felt like a sponge as I worked it with one hand and held rubbed his sack with the other.
    Suddenly it happened. He was my first 'happy ending'. During the lockdown, he got oral and plenty of 'happy endings' while my husband was at work! lol
    He's also the only person, other than my husband, I've given oral and a 'happy ending' to.

  • You have a girlfriend and still going to a massage parlor for a 'happy ending'? Get a new girlfriend!

  • It's more of a habit now. Granted my gf is a bit inexperienced but willing to learn

  • I going to massage parlors a couple times a year as like a treat to myself. I get the happy endings and it really helps my mood. Im married with 3 kids and i understand its a form of cheating, because i would consider it that if my wife got a happy ending. At the end of the day though my wife wont do what those asian women do.

  • I'm a female and worked 6 years as a sports massage therapist in the Miami area.
    All I'll say is that I got to see, hold and give oral to some of the freakishly big c**** I've ever seen.
    Even though they'd ask and offer $, I never had s** with any of them. I know others that were.
    I also took home lots of tip $ for giving happy endings.

  • I’m jealous. I don’t think I could have stopped with just a BJ or hand job. If it was freakishly large I would pay them to allow me to take it for a ride

  • Belive me! I thought about it a few times. All I can say is after work, my boyfriend got rewarded well. He knew what was going on. lol

  • OK. I have to make a comment here.
    I've been married to the same man for 35 years. I still take care of his needs but I would also have no problem if he got a 'happy ending' at a massage parlor.
    As a wife I would not be concerned because it's a service those people get paid to provide. It's not like they are having s**, it's a job.

  • Agree.
    I was a waitress at a sports bar and put up with a lot of butt grabbing and smacking for big tips. At the end of the day, it's just a job.

  • 100% yes

  • Uh.. yes lol

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